At Advance Dental Care, we have always given intravenous sedation with a consultant anaesthetist providing the sedation. We feel that no matter what courses a dentist goes on, a short diploma, does not compare with a doctor's degree and lifetime of experience in providing anaesthesia and sedation. The art of finding a vein to provide the sedation, can in itself be a challenge to a not so experienced dental surgeon.


For people with a fear of needles, a surface anaesthetic can be provided to the back of the hand. You will be required to come half an hour before your appointment for this to be applied, as it takes time to work.

For the extreme needle phobic, inhalational sedation can be provided and then when in a dream-like state, a needle can be applied to the back of the hand, and drugs given intravenously.


All patients continually have their blood pressure, pulse, oxygen levels in the blood and heart monitored. This is not always routinely done at other sedation clinics, but this is a standard, which is considered a must at our clinic.


At our clinic we use Midazolam, Fentanyl and in some instances Propofol. These are drugs which are very safe and provide excellent dream-like states.