I cannot praise Sam highly enough for the work he has undertaken with my teeth.

I have known Sam for quite a few years and he has undertaken all dental treatment for my children and myself. It became apparent that I was grinding my teeth to such an extent that they were wearing away. Sam explained very clearly about all the treatment needed to rectify this by having veneers fitted to cover my front teeth both top and bottom.
I now have a very confident smile! Nothing has been too much trouble for him. His work is second to none and he always has such a friendly and pleasant demeanour. I have recommended him to many friends and neighbours who now all continue to only go to him.

Sally Elder

Prior to treatment with Dr Afshar I had numerous shocking experiences with dentists that charged extraordinate rates and delivered substandard work that resulted in undue horrific pain and permanent loss of teeth. Neadless to say when I initially started treatment with Mr Afshar I was increadibly nervous to get back in a dentists chair.
Not only was his consultation and treatment plan, clear, concise & a fair & accomadating rate & individually tailored to my precise needs. His demeanor was utterly proffessional yet personable, friendly, caring and charming.

If you are treated by Dr Sam you will be made to feel importaint and like a friend not just a patient. All the while maintaining the utmost accomplished & impeccacbly elite attention to detail. His work is nothing short of world class & the outcome looks very natural yet striking. When I began treatment I was sure nothing shot of a tranquiliser would put me at ease subsequent to my past experiences with other cowboy dentists, yet as my treatments continued to be gentle & impressive, I have actually fallen asleep while Dr Sam has been working on me.

I highly reccomend Dr Sam Afshar & will continue to visit him for any further treatment I require.

Miss Damani

I have been a patient of Sam Asfhar since he took over Putney Dentists. I decided to have implants on the upper jaw as all teeth v loose. He spent some time preparing my jaw for the implants, but before I could have them fitted I fell and broke my neck! He was kind enough to keep in touch via my daughter whilst I was in hospital and he volunteered to come to Stoke Mandeville to carry on the work, but the hospital thought it better to wait, which I did. Once home he finished the work and I am very pleased with the result. I think he is a caring and excellent dentist.

Over the years I have had many different dentists, some good and some not-so-good. I feel therefore that I have the experience to be able to judge Sam Afshar as an outstanding dentist.

Whilst on holiday in Italy 2 years ago, I had an accident resulting in extensive damage to my teeth. My treatment on returning to the UK involved many courses of anti-biotic and painkilling medication for infections and excruciating pain whilst attempts were made to save the teeth. In the event, the trauma was so severe, implants were required and the bone strengthened to ensure a result that was to feel as close to my natural teeth as possible.

During the time of the treatment, I found the pain and fear of losing my teeth so emotionally stressful that I was extremely nervous and feared every appointment. Sam proved to be my saviour, he was supportive and compassionate on a level I would not expect from a dentist. No matter how upset I got, or how often I needed his reassurance his patience and expertise got me through a very difficult time. He never minded if I called him even at weekends when he was off duty.

Sam is highly skilled and can carry out extensive dental procedures which allowed me to undergo all of my treatment in house which was invaluable. I cannot praise Sam enough, and the results are better than I could ever imagine.